Heart bit- Connections that Reconnect

There are parts of you that change, the physical bits of you. The pounds you slap on or shed. The language your body speaks- fashionable, bold, comfortably bored, its dialects come and go.

There are parts of you that change, the mental bits of you. The baggage you slap on or shed. The language your brain speaks- confident, unsure, comfortably numb, its dialects come and go.

You feel changed, the new bits making a new you. Occasionally you do a self pat search looking for an original part. Its hard to find in the self scanner until it lights up, bright and sharp, with a loud beep, the day you meet a past connection.

Friends, exes, family, or an acquaintance that always felt extra special. People you loved and laughed with, no holds barred, not in bits but whole. Folks you walked with on life’s winded paths falling, fumbling and finding your feet. There will be many you will walk along with but the ones you bond with, who make you beep will be few. We all have them.

Months, years and decades may pass not having met but minutes are all that it takes when you do. The connection is instant, the conversation effortless, the language familiar.

The dialect flows from the parts of you that never change. The heart bits of you. The core of your soul that you can’t slap on or shed. It marks you, like a pin on a map of humanity, the part of you fixed, unchanged, unique no matter how many other bits of you flex and form. The one that makes you, you.

A chance meeting with an old friend recently, pointed me to my pin again, my heart bit, the one I had been frantically scanning to find for a while.

Sometimes a connect is all it takes to reconnect, with yourself.


9 thoughts on “Heart bit- Connections that Reconnect

  1. You are absolutely right about making us realise the ever present Heart Bit which makes us tick in this complex journey called life.
    Precise but so meaning ful.

    Liked by 1 person

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